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Local Bursaries 

Dad Fund provides financial assistance to students at high school and tertiary

level. The students must be registered and accepted at the relevant institution.


The criteria for Dad Fund recipients are:

  • Excellent Academic Performance – D.A.D was an intelligent and studious person

  • Excellence  in Sporting Activities – D.A.D always gave of his best on the sports field where few could match his sprinting and soccer abilities

  • Community Involvement/Outreach – He never failed to give assistance to individuals and the community. Giving was more important than receiving for him

  • High Level of Perseverance – His “never-give-up” attitude was evident in every aspect of his life. He believed in triumphant victory even in the face of adversity

The Dad Fund will manage the entire bursary process.


A holistic approach – selection process for candidates, ensuring that chosen recipients get registered at the respective university, quarterly meetings with the student to assess their progress and ensure that they have everything they need


The Dad Fund would like to fund 10 new additional students per year through high school or varsity. (2 Primary, 4 High School, 4 Tertiary)


Bursary recipients should make themselves available to do internships at the sponsoring organization, during their holidays.

I am very grateful to the Dad Fund for supporting me for the secretarial course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am now employed by Dr. Clement George as a secretary and love my job.


Without the DAD FUND I wouldn't have made it thus far.


Thanks DAD.

Alecia Davids

I completed my BA Theology degree at Helderberg College at the end of 2009. I'm grateful and very blessed to have been assisted by the DAD fund and the people involved in it.

My dad is, in fact, Daniel Arther Douman and I feel honored to have been part of something that was started in his name. 

Nathan Douman

International Scholarships

The Dad Fund provides international undergraduate scholarships to one or two selected matriculants.

I would like to thank the Dad Fund team for giving me a second chance to further my studies. It has given me the opportunity to travel the world and meet different people.


I am blessed to be enrolled in one of the best institutions in the United States, that ensures that students are exposed to the best of human thoughts and ideas.


Life in the US has shaped and given me a different perspective on life. I have grown to be an independent human being who strives to achieve maximum results in all the goals I have set for myself.


All of the above was made possible by the Dad Fund because they believed in me when no one else saw the potential.

Thank you very much and please continue to give hope and the ability to individuals who strive for the best things in life.


Lesego Ranamane