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The DAD Fund provides an opportunity for local and international internships.

For eg:

  • For the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the Dad Fund placed 35 international interns and 200 local interns on various placements through Matchworld.

  • Cultural Activities: The Dad Fund took interns on cultural excursions and site seeing on weekends

  • Community Service: All interns took part in our community programs, which included teaching and playing with primary school children at community schools in Soweto and Midrand (see Community & Educational Programs).

Why do we need interns ?

The high rate of unemployed graduates in South Africa, led to the inclusion of a category for new entrants in the National Skills Development Strategy 2 (NSDS2), which was implemented by the Department of Labour (DoL) in 2005.


There is a need to attract, retain and capitalize on high caliber graduates


There is an undersupply of skilled employees in the market


Students in many areas will continue to struggle to find internships as SMEs still don't understand the Department of Trade guidelines and access to internship grants. (2011 Trends Bizcommunity.com)

Business Case for internships

  1. A constant pipeline of new talent

  2. Audition new staff without too many strings attached

  3. Former interns “break even” faster.


  • Cost effective

  • Allows for young professional development​

  • Provides service for tactful and tedious work​

  • At little to no cost, interns can take over tedious yet necessary office management duties (such as filing, data entry, follow-up calls, organizing, etc.)​

  • Young, professional set of eyes and new age strategies​

  • Allots more time for full time and salary employees to focus on their strategic responsibilities​

  • Provides for future internal promotion​

  • Helps develop and execute successful yet time-consuming projects and campaigns

Internships are still becoming the one of

the most important experiences in

every university students career.


Internships are still a growing phenomenon in South Africa

“In the past, I think businesses were less strategic about their interns. But for us it’s never been about bringing a bunch of college kids in to make copies and coffee. We consider the program an 8-week job interview.”


Rick Slater, Managing Member, Dixon Hughes

Internship Program Management

The Dad Fund will plan, implement and manage the entire internship program:


  1. Identify and Develop strategic internship program objectives and position description.

  2. Initial Search through posting and communicating with our partners and resources to reach the most qualified candidates for the company needs.

  3. Candidate Assessment review all postings and resumes for qualified interns.

  4. Conduct Initial Phone Interviews for preliminary evaluation of the applicant's qualifications.

  5. Conduct Face to Face Interviews to determine the most suitable professional for your organization.

  6. Provide your company with the final candidates and ensure they are what your company needs.

  7. Program and Mentorship Evaluation for each intern.

  8. Feedback & Evaluation on the entire experience.